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A daily blog on writing better. You psychos!
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A blog how to make a better story...
(Still in rough draft mode)

This is a blog that's pretty much made for me. To remember all the lessons I've learned, the workshops I've taken, the classes I've listened, the books I've read. And to remind myself not to give up.

And for some reason, I find it easier to write about writing than write.


A blog about writing a better STORY.

This blog is for:

- How to make your writing better. Not perfect.
- Understanding how good stories are constructed.
- Writing for a fictional screenplay or a novel with a narrative of any genre.
- Intermediate Writers (AKA my competition) who have already completed one novel or screenplay
- Writers who are in the process of revising a novel or a screenplay


- This blog features examples from films. Be warned: you might get spoiled.
- This blog might contain typos, just cause I'm sloppy on the keyboard. Kindly poke me if you spot one and I'll fix it.


Future entries (Almost in order)

- The Character Arc: The Goal
- The Character Arc: Act structure

- Forces of Antagonism 1: Weather Conditions
- Forces of Antagonism 2: Making a Reeeelly Good Bad Guy
- Forces of Antagonism 3: The Protagonist With Issues

- The musts of making an active protagonist
- Making a unique character
- Making a great cast

- Paving the road: Climax and the 'grand finale'
- Paving the road: hitting the midpoint
- Paving the road: Mountains and Canyons.
- Paving the road: Reworking the Climax and the 'grand finale'

- ADV: Writer tricks - Opening and Closing scenes
- ADV: Writer tricks - Setups and Payoffs
- ADV: Writer tricks - The Dos and Don'ts of symbolism
- ADV: Writer tricks - The Music of Dialogue

- Protecting your work...?

- ADV: twisting the act structure (parallel story lines, multiple subplots, etc)

- LIST: The Butcher's Checklist