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List 1# - Battling Writer's Block

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Feb. 8th, 2009 | 12:40 am
posted by: psychofish in plotchomp

"Don't get it right, just get it written." - James Thurber



1. Grab a Friend/Family Member/target audience/victim and tell them about your story and your problems. Even if they're confused. 
2. Create a Playlist for your story and listen to it.
3. Take a walk outside/ exercise / Clean your room or workspace
4. Scream.
5. Go to Disneyland. And Scream too.
6. Research your story, even if you don't need it. Where your protagonist lives, his/her hobbies, her interests, health disorders, etc.  Read books, magazines. Watch documentaries.
7. Write stuff on paper.
8. Role Play your character. Make sure the person you RP with pushes your character to a new limit. (Aka. RP)
9. "What Would Jesus Do?" -- watch films, movies, television shows (make sure they're stories that do not closely resemble yours) and ask what your characters would do in that situation. Go out with your daily life and ask how your character would handle the very same errands.
10. Break stuff. If you're that stressed, buy cheap plates, glasses, etc. and smash them. Safely.
11. Take writing workshops and classes.
12. Review your scenes you have so far. Tracing back helps realize the direction you're going so far. Afterwards, assume what would happen if your character was actually the opposite sex.
13. Write "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!" a hundred times until you're tired of it.


1. Play videogames (Exception: Writing an Action/thriller Story)
2. Stare at a wall
3. Think too hard about your story
4. Do drugs. (Okay, it works for musicians and writers that don't aim for plot...but seriously!)
5. Commit a crime.
6. Watch films with a similar plot or genre to your story. This will end up tempting you to copy the exact plot.


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